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Say It with Flowers

A thoughtful bouquet to celebrate the arrival of a baby can be made that much more meaningful by carefully choosing varieties that correspond to the baby’s birth month. Use our handy list to select flowers that celebrate the baby’s time of birth.


Flowers by Birth Month

January: Carnations July: Larkspurs
February: Violets August: Gladiolus
March: Daffodils September: Asters
April: Daisies October: Marigolds
May: Lilies of the Valley November: Chrysanthemums
June: Roses December: Narcissus


Bloom Magic UK offers free next day delivery anywhere in the UK, provided you order by 6pm. You can search by variety if you are looking to send a bouquet that includes flowers from the baby’s birth month.  Bloom Magic UK is committed to using minimal and eco-friendly packaging with all of their orders.  So you can be sure that you are not to adding to the mountains of cardboard boxes, plastic wrappers and assorted packaging debris that often goes hand in hand with gift giving!

A side note about sending flowers to the parents of newborns: Include a vase with the bouquet!  New parents have quite enough to do without running around searching for a vessel to display flowers in. While sending letterbox flowers may seem like a convenient option, it is more than likely that they will sit and dry out in the box they arrived in as nappy changes and feeding times relegate other tasks to the back burner. Make things easy and send a fully arranged bouquet that can just be enjoyed! Many flower delivery companies, Bloom Magic UK included, also give the opportunity to send additional gift items along with flowers. A cuddly teddy bear for the new baby’s sibling or perhaps some luxurious chocolates for the tired mum and dad will be much appreciated. Fresh cut flowers aren’t your only option if you are looking to send some natural beauty to a newborn.  There are many companies offering the gift of plants that after they are delivered to an address of your choosing can be planted into the ground to bring delight and joy for years to come.

Giftaplant offers hundreds of named flowers and plants to honour new arrivals. Browse through roses, hydrangeas, lavender and many other varieties to find one that shares names with the new arrival. Imagine the pale pink Rose Amelia blooming in front of the nursery window or delicate heart-shaped blooms of the Brunnera Jack Frost.

The Gluttonous Gardener has a playful take on classic nursery rhymes with a Round the Mulberry Bush inspired gift of a real-life mulberry bush! The baby will grow with the tree and be able to pick delicious fruit as time goes on. All of the Gluttonous Gardeners new baby gifts come packed in a wooden crate that can be personalised to celebrate the day the wee one arrived into the world or commemorate a Christening or name giving ceremony. Whatever gift you get for a new baby be sure to include a message with your gift so the parents can easily tell who gave them what!

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