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How to choose a pacifier for baby

For baby, suction is a natural phenomenon. Some kids even have an important need. For parents, choosing a pacifier is not easy. Indeed, you need to find a solution that will corresponds to the childs needs and desires. Plus there are so many shapes and textures available! How do you choose? Here are some tips.

Do you need an anatomical soother ?

You’ll recognise this one from its round tip. This caracteristic allows it to adapt to your child’s mouth easily. It also suits all types of jaws. However, some voices ring against this pacifier. It seems it may encourage tooth gaps, and get baby too used to suck, which would make weaning difficult. Despite these points, young parents continue to appreciate this type of pacifier. Pediatricians do not discourage its use.

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What about the physiological pacifier ?

This soother is more recent on the market than its anatomical sister. Its main difference is that it has a more profiled shape with a higher tip. Some parents prefer it because it solves weaning problems encountered with the anatomical pacifier. However, sometimes baby doesn’t like it because it doesn’t hold in the mouth so well. It is then quite difficult to form a fixed opinion on both pacifiers! What you have to bear in mind, is that there are no wrong choices. Opt for the one your child is most comfortable with, and which you trust most.


What is the ideal material ?

It is recommended, so that baby will adapt easily, to choose a soother that has the same material as baby’s bottle teat. Two materials are on offer. You can choose a silicone bit, or a rubber one. You can tell which is a rubber pacifier as usually the latex in the composition gives a brownish colour. Silicone ones are totally transparent. They last longer and are more resistant than rubber ones, but also cost more. However, rubber soothers suit breasfed babies because they are more supple and can resemble the mother’s tit. The silicone pacifier is also more prone to breaking, so it is preferable not to use it if your child has teeth.

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Before making a definitve choice, you will need to know that your child is not allergic to the latex in the rubber pacifier. Finally, if you can’t make a decision, it’s best to let baby choose! Get him to test both materials and decide which he likes best.


A few tips before using a pacifier

When you buy, stay vigilant when looking at the age indicated on pacifiers. Indeed, these are adapted to your child’s different stages. Size 1 suits babies aged zero to six months, while size 2 suit six to twelve. Whatever the soother chosen, you have to sterilise it before first use. Sometimes you will drop the pacifier onthe floor, it happens to the best of us. To prevent this you can buy pacifier fixers which attach to baby’s clothes. And finally don’t forget to change the pacifier every three months.

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