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Entertaining baby: what activities for the smaller ones?

Entertaining a very young baby is not always easy. Here are a few ideas to amuse baby from the first months.

How to keep baby busy and entertained ?

Short of inspiration to entertain baby at home? Even when he is still very small, you can entertain him. Do make sure ou respect his growth rhythm. If having fun is fundamental for his growth, it is important not to force things. From birth, you can sing lullabies. Classic, but efficient to pamper and share with him some close moments. Older kids will also love nursery rhymes. You child will gradually learn to sing along! These enhance the child’s listening capacities, and participate in language development. From the first months, don’t hesistate to read stories to your child. Play with your voice and comment on pictures. This will feed his imagination and awaken a taste for reading. For a moment of absolute relaxation, you can also opt for upper body, hands, back, feet massages. As well as bringing a feeling of safety ad well-being to your child, they allow him to discover his anatomy.

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Hide and seek: from 2 months

From 2 or 3 months, you can initiate your baby to the game of hide and seek: Lay baby on a floor mat on his back. Move away from his eyesight and call him gently, then a bit louder. If he moves his head to try and see you, call him back and when he turns towards you, congratulate him. This little game will enable him to expand his exploration range by trying to localise the source of the sound. “Now you see me” is also easy to put in place. A cloth or towel and tadaa, we’re playing hide and seek! Your baby will gradually take conscience of the permanence of objects. He will learn that, even if he can’t see them, people and things still exist. This way the child will learn that separations are temporary.

Developmental games to stimulate his senses

Nothing is better than the times spent playing at home to stimulate your child’s senses. From 6 weeks, you can have little exercises to stimulate his eyesight for example. Start by what fascinates him the most: your face! Move it slowly in front of his. You can also attach ribbons or different colour fabrics like an old glove or sock. He will assuredly be fascinated by the different colours. From 6 months, you can start putting him in front of a mirror. You child is still to young to recognise himself (this will take until he is 2) but he will surely smile and laugh at the face in front of him!

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